1967 MGB GT

The MGB was built with, what was then, an innovative automotive design, a unitary body that provided greater overall strength than the traditional body and frame construction. The MGB was also  one of the first cars to feature “crumple zones” that helped protect occupants from injury during low speed crashes.

Year: 1967
Make: MG
Model: MGB
Submodel: GT Mark II Coupe
Color: Red
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Model Years: 1967-1969
Body Style: Hatchback-Coupe
Doors: 3
Traction: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Type: Spark Ignition 4 Stroke
Engine Specs: 109.8 cui
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Fuel System: 2 Carburetors
Cylinders: Inline 4
Horsepower: 98 hp
Transmission: 4 Speed
Length: 153.2 in
Width: 59.9 in
Wheelbase: 91 in
Tire Size: 5.60-14
Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear
0-60: 12.2 sec
Top Speed: 104 mph