1989 BMW Z1

The first of the BMW, Z series was produced in 1989-1991. with the Z-1. A unique feature  of this model was the removable body plastic body panels and vertically sliding doors. Engineers stated that the body panels could be changed in as little as 40 minutes which turned out to be a somewhat optimistic claim.

Year: 1989
Make: BMW
Model: Z1 E30Z
Submodel: Z1 Roadster
Color: Green
Country of Origin: Germany
Model Years: 1989-1991
Body Style: Sports Roadster/Convertible
Doors: 2
Traction: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Type: Spark-Ignition/4 Stroke
Engine Specs: 152.3 cui
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Fuel System: Indirect Injection
Cylinders: 6 In-Line
Horsepower: 168 hp
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Length: 154.4 in
Width: 66.5 in
Wheelbase: 96.3 in
Tire Size: 255/45 VR 16
Brakes: Disc-Front & Rear
0-60: 7.5 sec
Top Speed: 140 mph